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Synthetic fabrics are man-made fabrics manufactured in factories by using chemical synthesis. These artificial fabrics are made through the polymerization process. which involves joining the monomers to fabricate them into a polymer. Synthetic fibers are extracted from chemical-based raw materials that are based on petrochemicals or petroleum. 

Synthetic fabrics are chemically induced but still used for clothing because of its soft texture. It is a firm fabric as it holds the strength to sustain heavy loads. This man-made fabric is in demand because of its wrinkle-free and durable nature. The fabric is said to suit most of the body types because of its great elasticity. As it is not a flora or fauna extracted product, it is cheaper than other fabrics. Synthetic fabric tends to remain lustrous for a long period of time.

Types Of Synthetic Fabrics

The textile industries started to produce synthetic fiber as a cheaper alternative to animal-based or plant-based natural fabrics. The extracted polymers are put inside a spinneret to form a fiber. 

There are different types of synthetic fiber, namely:

Polyester: This fiber is created from petroleum, water, air, and coal. This fabric is appropriate for clothing purposes and is easy to wash. It has the quality of retaining its shape and remaining crisp. It is also used to make ropes, nets, raincoats, jackets, and more. The fabric is durable but not breathable, hence not recommended for summer months.

Nylon: This fiber is obtained from coal, water, and air. Its qualities include: easy to wash, dries quickly, retains its shape, very lustrous and elastic. It is used in the making of sleeping bags, fishing nets, socks, ropes, seat belts, and more. 

Rayon: It is made from reconstituted wood pulp. It is considered a semi-synthetic fiber because its making includes sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide. Sometimes it is used as a replica of silk, wool, and other fabrics. Its qualities include: soft, easy to dye, comfortable, and absorbent. This fiber can be mixed with wool to make carpets and with cotton to make bedsheets. 

Elastane: It was invented in 1958 and is well known for its remarkable elasticity. This synthetic fiber is also known as spandex or lycra. This fiber is mixed with different fabrics to add stretch. It is used in the making of jeans, hosiery, and athleisure.

Types Of Synthetic Fabrics

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